We had a very full meeting today! Firstly acting on a nomination by Frank Nathan, President Jeremy presented Umesh Teli with a Pride of Workmanship Award. Umesh is the Postmaster & Franchisee at the Wembley Post Office in Cambridge Street. Well done Umesh!
Then Sean L’Estrange, MLA for Churchlands visited us with Staff member Lainey to discuss his role as a Shadow Minister in Opposition. Sean is currently the Shadow Minister for Corrective Services; Emergency Services; Defence Issues; and Racing and Gaming, and each portfolio has different requirements. Corrective Services is a real challenge due to the over-representation of indigenous people in custody. Whilst this occurs throughout Australia, it is particularly high in WA. Sean enjoys Emergency Services because most of the personnel in this field are volunteers. A full audit of facilities is needed to bring them up to scratch. Defence Issues is a complicated portfolio because Defence is a Federal Government responsibility, but the problems that exist need considerable State input to get the right answer. For example, defence of the north west of WA is co-ordinated from the Northern Territory, but we need the capability here in WA in order to send a message to other countries, particularly those in the same time zone. There is also a problem with official war graves which are not receiving the attention and respect that they deserve. Liquor licensing issues occur in the Racing and Gaming portfolio as a result of the abuse of alcohol in various areas, and the advent of Covid-19 has slowed the sale of the TAB. Thank you Sean for a most interesting presentation.