Posted by Roger Veary on Aug 31, 2019
Celia Hammond, recently elected member for Curtin, addressed a joint meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Cambridge, Nedlands, Scarborough and Mosman Park.
Rotary Cambridge was joined by the Nedlands, Scarborough and Mosman Park Clubs to listen to Hon Celia Hammond MP, Federal Member for Curtin, and what an informative meeting it was. Ms Hammond gave an insight into her upbringing, education and career before politics and then explained why she was motivated to leave her post as Vice-Chancellor of Notre Dame University to put herself forward as the Liberal candidate for Curtin. Celia is attracted by the concept of serving in spite of the downsides of being a politician, and she believes that there is a dividend available to those who serve. She is concerned about the mistrust that has developed towards Australian Institutions; the lack of ability to debate matters without being labelled as racist, sexist, denier, etc; and the lack of tolerance and resilience. Celia believes that the Curtin Division, comprising 98 square kilometres,mostly consists of good people, and she wishes to represent them in an open and honest way. Celia also intends to work with Local and State Governments to set up priorities for the people of Curtin. In all it was an inspiring and very encouraging address.
In separate and later correspondence she has indicated that she would like to stay in touch with Cambridge Rotary and other Rotary Clubs and to assist us wherever she can.
Thank you Celia!