Three Young Scientists presented their experiences to members and guests at a meeting of Cambridge Rotary on 26 February. Hale student Peter (PJ) McSkimming attended National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in Brisbane while Newman College Students Emily Holland and Leila Arnold attended the Conoco Phillips Science Experience at Curtin and Murdoch Universities respectively.
What a youthful meeting the club had last Wednesday 26 February 2020! Two students from Newman College, Emily Holland and Leila Arnold started the proceedings with an account of their Conoco Phillips 4-day experiences at Curtin and Murdoch Universities respectively. Peter (PJ) McSkimming Jnr, a Year 12 Hale Student and grandson of our very own Member, followed with a very comprehensive and enthusiastic summary of his NYSF experience in Brisbane. He was lucky to have been allocated to Brisbane because the more normal ANU sessions in Canberra had to be cancelled because of the bushfire smoke blanketing the city. Over 200 students gathered at the University of Queensland and they were exposed to a wealth of experiences centred around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities. There were many highlights for Peter including a live video call with a scientist working in Antarctica, witnessing a drone racing event and having dinner with Australia's Chief Defence Scientist, Professor Tanya Monro. He also highlighted the bonding which took place with his colleagues, and the fact that this experience has cemented his ambitions for the future. Well done and thank you to all three speakers.