Jennifer Keen, State Manager of OzHarvest in WA, came to tell us about how her Food Waste Warriors go about rescuing wasted food for the needy, as well as helping to reduce the levels of waste in our State and Country. OzHarvest was started in Australia 16 years ago, and in WA it has been in action since 2014. Annually as a nation we waste $20 billion worth of food, approximately one third of which comes from our homes. OzHarvest provides a pipeline between donors and the needy, and also seeks to educate the community about waste reduction. Last month 106,000 kgs of food were collected in WA and distributed to charities which provide assistance to the needy. Apart from collecting food from supermarkets, cafes etc., OzHarvest also raises funds to meet it’s minimal operating costs such as paying drivers of the distribution vans. Most of the input however is provided by volunteers along with corporate funding for costs such as fuel. The Covid-19 situation has resulted in an increase in demand but also a reduction in supply, so with the help of Federal funding, OzHarvest has had to buy in some stock. Hampers containing fresh fruit and vegetables have been introduced, and an app is being developed to connect donors with charities. Jennifer skilfully included the pupils in her very informative address, and many questions were answered!