This time our get together was a Club Forum – our vehicle for dealing with planning for the future and attending to administrative items etc. The opening of the Forum took the form of some good news: we have a President-Elect now in the form of Frank Nathan. Congratulations, Frank, and we look forward to welcoming you as President in due course!
President Jeremy had asked us to consider what our Club could become involved in as a major input to the community, now that our contribution to establishing the Lake Monger Community Shed has finished, and many suggestions were forthcoming. It is apparent that with our relatively few Members, most of whom have retired, we undoubtedly need to collaborate with other parties if we are to achieve success in fundraising etc. To this end our activity may need to be in health or more specifically Covid related, as such a focus is likely to attract funds. Another project suggestion was that we should help to address farming problems by facilitating workers from the metro areas and organising billets for them in the country (maybe through the RAC?). Other suggestions included establishing a car-park market and/or a street roller hockey league. We should also remember that District and Global grants are available for a range of projects, and this is worth following up. Thank you to all who contributed to a very worthwhile discussion.