An action packed meeting this time, starting off with Krystal Skelin, Leader of Learning Science at Newman College, presenting a video made by Ethan Lopez and Riley Somers – the two students who attended the Conoco Phillips Science Experience in January. Unfortunately they couldn’t be with us in person, but clearly they had a very memorable time. This was followed by our Guest Speaker Thomas Wagner, a member of the Executive at Newman College, who talked about the education challenges posed by Covid-19. Newman not only has 1900 students and 300 staff, but it also provides facilities for 8 community sporting clubs. The advent of Covid meant that things had to be changed fast to cope with the restraints. Happily their $9m capital works programme could continue, but the School implemented a crisis management plan to deal with communication and remote learning requirements. The latter was introduced within ten days of the start of the pandemic, and it was necessary to upgrade the School’s IT capability significantly. They experienced problems in getting basic supplies such as cleaning products and toilet rolls, but the last year has provided some positive outcomes, especially in their remote teaching techniques and the development of virtual tours for prospective students and their parents. Thanks Thomas – it was most interesting.