John Donoghue of the RAC came along to advise us about the history of the organisation in WA, and he did it in an interesting and unique way! Interestingly, 100 % of our Members present are members of the RAC, and John explained that it started in 1905 by signposting roads and mapping the State for motorists. The vision of the RAC is to create a safer, sustainable and connected future for Western Australians. The first motor vehicle was imported into WA in 1898, and it only took a few years for the mutual organisation to be established to serve the interests of members and to strive to create a better WA. John continued by posing a number of interesting questions, and when each correct answer was disclosed, we all found out much more about how this purpose-led member organisation evolved into what it is today. The Traffic Act was introduced in 1919, and this prevailed until it was replaced by the Road Traffic Act of 1974. In the early days members made contact with the RAC simply by waiting for a patrol to pass by, and during WWII the RAC took down road signs which were close to the coast so that any foreign invaders landing wouldn’t easily know where they were! Permission to use ‘Royal’ was granted to the Club in 1922, and the Roadside Assistance Patrol was started in 1926. John covered quite a number of motoring landmarks over the years, including the opening in 1959 of the Narrows Bridge (which now has 200,000 vehicles per day traversing it); the conversion of miles to kms in 1974; the introduction of unleaded petrol in 1985; and the opening of the Northbridge tunnel in 2000. John also outlined the many services that the RAC now provides, such as the Rescue Helicopters, Road Safety initiatives, and Holiday Parks. What a jam-packed history over 118 years!