The Founder and Chairman of the Claremont Literary Society, Alan Nelson, gave us an interesting and humorous account of how the Society came about and what it’s all about. Some two and a half years ago, in his early retirement years, Alan decided that he knew what his friends were going to talk about, so why not establish a men only book club where none of the members knew each other previously? This would provide mateship and companionship as well. He placed an advert in the Post and received lots of interest – especially from women who wanted their husbands out of the house! At the first meeting there were 10 people and they each gave a short autobiography. Now each member reads a book of their own choice, and this triggers a discussion at the monthly 3 hour evening meetings. Alan’s motivation for doing this is that he very much wants a ‘non-beige retirement’, and it seems to be doing the trick. Members come from diverse backgrounds e.g. a lawyer, a chef, a doctor, a shop owner, an engineer, a forensic psychologist and a university professor. Examples of books that have been presented are Tell Me Why by Archie Roach, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Eric Idle, and the History of Rome (by J Caesar?). The Society has been described as a Men’s Shed for the mind and soul, and the meetings often yield memorable one-liners such as ‘age is a disease that’s treatable’; ‘you never get a polite idiot’; and ‘he’s on his fourth wife – clearly an optimist’! The members get together at the end of each calendar year for a celebration; last year was at someone’s farm whilst this year it will be at the Weld Club.