Posted by Roger Veary on Nov 15, 2019
Sean L'Estrange MLA presented a talk to Rotary Cambridge members on his career in the military and in politics. This led to a summary of the state of the WA economy.
Sean L'Estrange, the MLA for Churchlands was the club's guest speaker on 13 November and gave a most impressive talk indeed. He began with a few details of his background, including being a teacher of Economics at Christ Church Grammar School; joining the Army Reserve and serving in Afghanistan; running his own business consultancy and finally landing up in politics. Sean is the Shadow Minister for two portfolios - Housing and Corrective Services. One of the hot issues that faces areas such as Churchlands and, more recently, Nedlands is that of infill to increase housing density, and Sean told the meeting that he favours the principle of using activity centres and corridors such as Oxford Street, Leederville, as arteries around which infill should occur.  The issue needs leadership and a vision with the provision of practical examples of how it could happen. Sean also touched on the vital need to keep the separation of powers so that the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary act independently. At the moment though, the key issue is the economy, and it is very important to turn things around particularly at State level, but also nationally. Thank you Mr L'Estrange for your thought-provoking contribution. Sean was also installed as a "Friend of Rotary" and he can be seen below receiving his Certificate from Acting President Jeremy.