The one that got away from Lucy Lonnqvist!
Lucy Lonnqvist, a Year 11 Student at St Mary’s Anglican School for Girls, spoke on the topic ‘Rotary Adventure In Citizenship’ (RAIC). Lucy was put forward by our Club to participate in RAIC, and although successful, she didn’t go as it was cancelled due to Covid-19. However Lucy gave us an idea of what would have happened had she gone, and what a good job she did! Her talk was facilitated by the fact that she has been to Canberra before, and so Lucy applied her experience to the RAIC agenda. The programme was designed to cover a wealth of items, including visiting the Press Gallery; meeting with the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate; visits to the High Court and the Australian War Memorial; and experiencing Question Time in Parliament, to name but a few! When Lucy won a national Speech Competition in Canberra last year, she spoke about better ways to measure Australia’s success; rather than GDP or similar, how about measuring the mental well-being of our citizens? Lucy and a friend are working on an App which will help people to decide which bin to use for their various types of waste, and once she has left school, Lucy wants to do a Bachelor of International Relations or similar and to become a diplomat. Lucy was accompanied by her Mum, Holly Linnqvist. Well done Lucy – your presentation was outstanding.