Last Wednesday was not normal at all! Our usual early morning meeting was cancelled in favour of an outing to a local restaurant for an event organised by the Club’s Social Committee. And what a successful night it was! Over thirty people attended (which happily included most of our Members with Partners, Rellies and so on), and after a short pre-dinner drinks session we got into a set Italian dinner! A few ‘munchies’ such as garlic bread and chips set the ball rolling, whilst the main course consisted of chicken schnitzel with spaghetti, noodles, roast potatoes, assorted vegetables and salad. Some of the more adventurous ventured into dessert and coffee, and the buzz of chatting and laughter pointed to everyone having a good time! Congratulations to the Social Committee, ably led by Jan Puddey, for arranging a very good night out! The general feeling was that we should do this more often! Why not?! Our next social event is Changeover night in five weeks time, and that will be another very good night out for all concerned.