Richard Seale of Front Porch Films spoke about his new venture of preserving memories of notable people on film (disc).
Richard Seale from Front Porch Films addressed members and one guest on 03 June asking the question: if you want to record the story of one person who has influenced your life, who would it be?
Richard started his working life as an engineer, but he realised that, "when people take the time to share their stories, and others take the time to listen, something happens - everybody feels more connected". As a young man Richard was inspired by an art teacher named Mrs Spencer, but she died before he could discover her story and so the opportunity was lost. As a result Richard changed tack and became involved in visual story telling - an example being "Love at the Embassy", a five-minute video about Betty Brown who met her future husband at the Embassy Ballroom. It was a very sweet and humble story about a lovely lady. Richard likened the making of such films to a painter painting a portrait; it is an interpretation of a person at a moment in time. Richard starts the process with an interview, and in time the end result can be an extended story (about 30 minutes) or a five-minute condensation. Food for thought!