Dr Jodi Graham is the very impressive daughter of our member Mike and Yvonne Graham, and Jodi came along to talk about the relocation of King Edward Memorial Hospital from its present position in Subiaco to a new location on the QE II extended site in Nedlands. Along with about 25% of the people born in Perth over recent decades, Jodi herself was born at KEMH, and she traced her education, training and career over many years, culminating in her appointment as Executive Director, Women and Newborn Health Service at KEMH. Attention turned to the details surrounding the decision to move KEMH, and Jodi gave us a potted history of this beloved facility which opened its doors in 1916. The original hospital was housed on the site of a converted Government Industrial School on Barker Road in Subiaco, and this building, ‘Harvey House’, still makes up part of the grounds and is home to the WA Medical Museum. It also features on the Australian $50 note behind the image of Edith Cowan. The main reason for the move is patient safety, as well as efficiencies resulting from the consolidation of disparate service delivery venues. There are a few heritage issues to be taken into account e.g. Harvey House as well as the Memorial Rose Garden, which is maintained by the Matilda Bay Rotary Club and contains the ashes of about 40,000 babies. Timing for delivering the new hospital is interesting – it’ll be operational by 2026 if the plan is fulfilled. Constraints are expected to emerge, such as traffic control, but on balance it’ll be worth it. Well done Jodi – a most interesting talk.