Posted by Peter Burns on Sep 14, 2019
Stephanie Rea spoke about picky eaters - problem feeders and fussy eaters.
Stephanie Rea addressed members and guests on the subject of Picky Eaters at the quarterly Schools Programme talk. Stephanie is a Nutrition Consultant and Workshop Facilitator as well as a provider of parenting support at Communications Inc., and her topic was "Picky Eaters". She started her talk by giving some pertinent background information including the fact that most children, especially those under 4 years of age have variable appetites. There are very good reasons for this and one of the most important  is that children naturally regulate their intake to  cope with growth phases that they experience from time to time. Parents need to learn to have realistic expectations and that the quality of the food they provide is very important. Toddlers may need 4 to 5 small meals per day and it is important to keep the presentation simple and to provide plain unprocessed food and also to allow children to self-feed. This was a most interesting which will be of great use to parents and grandparents alike.