RYE Student Jaz gave members and guests a run-down of life in Argentina under Covid restrictions
The Club had a wonderful Zoom meeting last Wednesday during which members and guests caught up with past Exchange Student Jaz Hernando. It was an opportunity to meet her lovely family - Gonzalo (Dad), Belen (Mum), Juan (Brother) and Florencia (twin sister) - all of whom are in lockdown in Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city (with almost 1.6 million inhabitants). All three of the Hernando siblings have been on Rotary Exchange; Jaz to Australia, Florencia to France and Juan to Indonesia the year before. Whilst the household was relatively quiet, Gonzalo and Belen became involved with hosting five other Exchange Students from other parts of the world! However, the Covid-19 situation has changed all that and their country has been in strict isolation  for over four months. In spite of that, Argentina has had about 4000 Covid-related deaths and Cordoba recorded 1500 new cases on Tuesday alone. Jaz did well in her University entrance exams and is now studying Industrial Engineering. She has not yet physically attended any classes yet and is studying on-line. Jaz is still her bubbly self and answered many questions. Her Mum and Dad said thanks for all that was done for their daughter. Guests amongst the participants included former host parents Mick and Sharan Colliss, two Northam Rotarians Christine Storer and Brian Webb and our own Don Holywell and Peter Wagner who joined us from Broome.