Our newest Member, Stan Robins, took to the podium to give us a brief history of his life so far, and what an interesting and humorous discourse it was! Stan was born in North Perth in 1938, and his father was a master cabinet maker as well as a musician – playing the banjo, ukulele and drums. During the war years Mr Robins was put in charge of woodwork for the American Navy, but between Christmas and Easter the family typically moved to Scarborough where they lived in an undercroft garage right on the beach. Stan became a mascot of the Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club! The family moved to Melbourne in 1945 and Stan left school at the end of year 11 to help his dad make canopies for utes. Back to Perth in 1949, Stan got involved in a range of business ventures with his dad and his brother. Stan also got involved in ballroom dancing where he met Gwenda in 1956, and in 1958 they got married. Sixty two years later they’re still going strong and living in the same suburb where they first bought a house in the early 70s! Stan also developed a liking for sailing, and took off for Bali and Singapore after buying a 44ft yacht. Business ventures were still coming thick and fast, but Stan managed to circumnavigate Australia although Gwenda’s sea legs were not entirely reliable! Gwenda was given the option of flying back to Perth, but when she saw the small plane battling to land against a strong wind, she elected to remain on the boat! We’re happy to have you both on board at Rotary, Stan and Gwenda – thank you!