Japanese Taiko Drumming was the subject of the talk by Simon Vanyai to mark Japanese Children's Day
The club's meeting on Wednesday 06 May attracted over two dozen participants including Megan Watters, Host Mother, and Keika Fukuyama, our current RYE Student, as well as a handful of members' wives. In addition, there were five participants from the Scarborough Rotary Club who had a particular interest in Keika. Simon Vanyai gave a talk on Taiko - Japanese Drums. His interest was sparked during visits to Japan and about six years ago he decided to establish a group in Perth. There are four core members (the teachers), 30 perfermers and 20 trainees. Many are Japanese mums living here. They perform at various events, including at Optus Stadium to help the Fremantle Dockers run onto the field! Simon explained that in Japan there is a professional Taiko Group called Kodo which is based on Sado Island. The performances are of a very high stsnadard both physically and musically, and Simon's group, Taiko On. is developing its considerable skills here in Perth. Performances are supported by flutes and a Japanese banjo or lute - the Shamisen. Simon illustrated his talk with slides and videos, and although the sound on the latter failed, the audience gained a very good impression of what it is all about.