Posted by Roger Veary on Jun 21, 2019
Judi Lane giving an outline of the achievements and programmes in medical research at the Harry Perkins Institute
Presidents Jim Joseph and Tony Parker from the Scarborough and Western Endeavour Clubs respectively brought along a number of their members to join us as we listened to the Community Education Manager, Judi Lane, from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. All told, more than 50 people heard the story of the Institute - now 21 years old - and of the way in which Judi became involved. In a stunning opening Judi showed photos of four individuals who had all succumbed to cancer in one form or another, and it turned out that these people were her father, her brother, her mother and her husband. The Institute is a registered charity which relies on the people of Perth for its funding and it has five main objectives: investigate adult diseases; discover better methods of diagnosis; 3. to improve the bench to bedside experience (by working out of SCG and Fiona Stanley Hospitals); 4. to develop treatments that render diseases non-fatal; 5. to educate all in the Community. Judi gave many examples of the work and collaboration that goes on. Very impressive indeed!