Posted by Roger Veary on Oct 24, 2019
Global Grant Recipient has returned to Australia after completing her Doctorate at McGill University in Montreal
The club's speaker on 23 October was Dr Janice Malcolm who was awarded a Global Grant Scholarship in 2016 to study for her Masters Degree in Neuroscience at McGill University in Montreal. She was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cambridge. Janice started studying for her Masters Degree and her area of focus was the prevention and treatment of neuro-degenerative disease - particularly Alzheimer's. Her research was conducted at the Cuello Laboratory and Janice made such good progress that the University invited her to convert her studies into a structured PhD rather than stopping at the Master's level. There are many neuro-degenerative diseases but Janice focussed on Alzheimer's partly because the number of cases world-wide is projected to grow from 35 million to 100 million over the next 30 years or so. Janice's research resulted in the creation of a novel transgenic model which replicates the features of Alzheimer's, and this is likely to lead to a possible treatment regime for the disease. According to Janice, life in Canada was interesting and most rewarding. She was taken under the wing of the Rotary Club of Montreal. She attended a number of high-powered conferences during her time away and she concluded her talk with sincere thanks to rotary Cambridge and Rotary in general.