Our scheduled speaker Alan Nelson couldn’t attend due to being a Covid close contact, so we improvised and had a very interesting time! Pres. Jeremy started off by giving us an account of his younger years; his parents were British and his father was a pilot in command of flying boats out of Southampton and later Durban (due to the impact of WWII. Thus Jeremy was born in Durban but went to England at an early age. That didn’t last long as his parents decided that the colonies were for them, and they bought a farm in Rhodesia. That failed and so it was back to the airlines in the form of British West Indian Airways in Trinidad! Jeremy is an Old Boy of Jamaica College and his love of cricket was nurtured by working the scoreboards whilst prominent locals were in action. His Mum knew about Michaelhouse School near Durban, and so Jeremy landed up there as a boarder, travelling half way around the world to get home for holidays! He eventually studied Civil Engineering and met Jeanette in South Africa. John Travlos followed with an account of his involvement with Rotary in Zimbabwe, and he told us all about some wonderful projects designed to help local orphans by establishing orphanages and by giving less fortunate kids the opportunity to achieve a dream in life. John is returning to Africa soon, but he will always be part of our Club too. Finally new Member Sue Brown gave us a short summary of her journey to date, and it is good to welcome her into the Club, as it is with John Gartlan. May you both have many happy years with us!