Our most recent meeting was devoted to the arrangements for our combined Fete this Saturday 21st November. Many people have already put in a huge effort, led by Peter and Leonie Pearse and Frank Nathan. The Covid-19 backdrop has made planning difficult, but we have worked well with the Church people and the weather will be good! We have had a wide spread of publicity but we need to keep going on this until the last minute. Set-up will take place partly on Friday afternoon but also between about 6.30 am and 7.45 am on Saturday. Please: share this and all recent emails from Peter with your Partner; park away from the site (e.g. at Joan Watters Centre) and walk; wear Rotary shirts, caps or aprons to help publicise our Club; drop off cakes etc. at the Church on Friday afternoon, having wrapped items in labelled cellophane if possible, and include a list of ingredients on the outside; stall keepers should resist requests to discount items early in the day – these usually come from professionals who seek to on-sell the items elsewhere; be flexible and tolerant on the day – we need to go with the flow; the last two hours (noon to 2.00 pm) may need discounting in order to get rid of stock; use the MC to advertise this and any other special happenings; make sure you’re familiar with the finance procedures; call on John Travlos if you need more manpower! Good luck!