Prof Shirley Bowen, CEO of St John of God Hospital Subiaco, attended to present details of the forthcoming hospital re-development and to make a few comments about Covid-19. The hospital was established in 1898 by the Sisters of St John of God, and it has undergone various redevelopments over the years – the last significant ones being in the 1990s. The current plans reflect required changes after about 25 years of relatively limited activity, and these days the consumer – patients and doctors – expects facilities of the highest standard. Patients tend to focus on luxury whilst doctors expect sophisticated medical services. Over the years the community is experiencing population growth and an ageing population, and this provides challenges in selecting the correct way to go. The new facilities will include an Emergency Department as well as a Mother and Baby Centre. There will also be an Education and Research Building plus space for more consulting suites and car parking. A new facility for sterilising instruments and equipment is also planned. The initial action will be centred on the kitchen so that the hospital can provide hospital-wide room service. The Development Application is making progress, and initial site action isn’t far away! Interested readers should go to for more details or to get regular updates. Prof Bowen also addressed Covid-19 and its impact on WA, and she is of the opinion that the various vaccines have a sound base, and that ideally we should have a purpose-built quarantine facility in Perth.