Emma Ireland and Jordan Bishop from the Ear Science Institute Australia (ESIA) gave a talk on work done by ESIA including recognition and treatment, research and assistance available.
Emma Ireland, Community and Education Project Officer of the Ear Science Institute and Jordan Bishop, Community Coordinator at the Lions Hearing Clinic, were the club's speakers at the meeting held on 12 February. They addresses an audience of 60 members and guests. They provided a very comprehensive description of what Hearing Loss is and what can be done about it. Emma summarised the main activities relating to Hearing Loss , such as the work of the Lions Clinic, the Education and Community Awareness programmes, the Fundraising and Research, whilst Jordan revealed the extent of the problem, the impact of Hearing Loss on individuals and the various solutions that are available to them. half of the population aged 65 or older has a problem, and this increases to 70% once age 70 is reached. Hearing Loss results in social withdrawal, adverse mental health risk and premature frailty. We should all get a check-up; firstly a 15-minute screening, then a 90-minute assessment. The solutions that are available range from physical changes such as reducing background noise, many different devices through to implant possibilities. Question time followed indicating the extent of the interest the audience showed.