Sarah Macauley and Tim Campbell from the RAC jointly addressed our meeting. The RACWA has 3 major pillars behind it’s strategy, namely Safety, Sustainability and Connectedness. The challenge is: how do we make our streets safer and more user friendly for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians? 50% of accidents occur in Regional areas, but only 20% of the population lives there. Many of the Regional accidents involve City dwellers. Covid-19 has resulted in dramatic changes to transport patterns; traffic numbers fell to virtually nil when the lock-down was introduced in March, but in recent times it has reached levels around 20% higher than January 2020 figures! This is due to a lack of confidence in the hygiene on public transport, the use of which has only recovered to 80% of previous levels. In January hygiene was an issue for 2% of the population, but that rose to 49% by May this year. There are various ways in which the traffic pressures can be eased, such as facilitating the concept of working from home; staggering the work start and finish times; encouraging the use of public transport by providing hygienic conditions and giving buses priority where possible; establishing a Smart Transport Technology Roadmap for Perth; and providing better quality of life through community connectedness opportunities e.g pop-up piazzas and pedestrian gathering points.