A sign of the times – our Guest Speaker on WA’s hay industry had to bail out at the last moment after becoming a Covid close contact. Undaunted we had several impromptu stories from various Members, starting with Jeremy who talked about his encounters with elephants in Botswana and Zambia, and they are certainly fascinating beasts which must be treated with respect! Brian then followed with tales about his dealings with Italian migrants out in African bush camps, and the Bosazzas and Bocellis of this world certainly add colour and interest. Graham McH gave us an insight into his growing up in and around Norseman, and how he and his mates rode around free of parental supervision on horses that they had saddled up themselves! Cate brought us back to the city with anecdotes from her Director of Nursing days, including the sensitivities encountered when one is involved with admitting a patient into respite care. Peter B took us back to his schooldays when he was involved in State Schoolboy Rugby, including a train trip to Sydney to play in a tournament which ended with the Possibles versus the Probables ahead of announcing a National Schoolboy team. Rod, an erstwhile sport reporter, told us about comments made by the late Rod Marsh in relation to a stay in a dilapidated ‘5 star’ hotel in India, and finally Ross told us about Harry Readford who operated as a stockman, drover and cattle thief out of Queensland in the second half of the 1800s. Thanks to each and every speaker for a very entertaining session!
The meeting also saw the Induction of Sue Brown.