Ten Members, one Visiting Rotarian, one Honorary Member, five Wives plus a handful of people associated with the RSL Claremont joined together for a guided tour of the Historical Collection at Campbell Barracks. The Chairman of the SAS Historical Foundation, Greg Mawkes, was our lead contact and we divided into two groups of about ten people each for practical purposes. The Special Air Service was established in 1957 initially as a Company which later became a Regiment, and we were given a comprehensive history of those early days supported by photographs. Members of the Regiment are trained and equipped to live, work and fight in a variety of environments, and the exhibits covered the equipment and methods used by the SAS since inception. There are also on display a number of vehicles, weapons and personal equipment used by the Regiment in the counter terrorism role starting around 1980. The SAS has been engaged in operations in various parts of the world including Borneo, South Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, and the use of camouflage is remarkable. Dogs have been used to good effect in many arenas of war, and one of the original heroes, Rex, is proudly displayed wearing his equipment. A number of artists have contributed to the historical record over the years, and many of these varied and poignant depictions are on display for visitors to enjoy. The SAS Historical Foundation is a volunteer organisation comprising former soldiers and other dedicated contributors, all of who apply their skills to creating and maintaining this wonderful history of the remarkable Special Air Service Regiment. It was a most informative and moving outing for all of us.