We had an unusual get together this week in the form of a visit to the WA Museum Boola Bardip – a very pleasant outing organised by the Social Committee. Sixteen Members, including Rory Beattie and John Travlos, came along and 13 were accompanied by their wives. There were two Honorary Members present – Leonie Pearse and Susan Bursill – making up the total complement of 30 attendees. We were divided into two groups of roughly the same number, and each group was led by a guide who was assisted by a Museum volunteer. Ours was a Highlights Tour which was an hour long and which covered a selection of the Museum’s permanent exhibitions. None of us had been to the Museum since its expansion and modernisation, and all were most impressed by how beautifully it has been done. Exhibitions span a total of five levels, and cover a wide range of subjects including stories of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of WA; Treasures of WA (who will forget Otto the 120 year old blue whale skeleton?); Innovations from very creative minds; Reflections which celebrate the diverse communities of our State; Origins where we could explore the foundations of the universe and life on earth (those chunks of meteorites certainly provide food for thought!); and Connections, a section that explores how the historical and cultural networks connect us to the rest of the world. Our grateful thanks go to Jan Puddey, her Committee and those others who helped to put the event together. We should do it again some time!