We almost had a full turnout for our Annual General Meeting this time, with only Libby, John and Brian not being able to attend. President Frank declared the AGM open at 7.40 am and we then worked our way through the agenda. The minutes of the last AGM held on12th October 2022 were confirmed, and there were no matters arising from them. Next the President and Committee Reports for the year to 30 June 2023 were accepted and approved, as were the Financial Statements for the year under consideration. Graham McHarrie, our Treasurer, explained that the requirement to audit our accounts under the Charitable Collections Act has changed, and we now need only a formal review to take place. Rod Lane was unanimously appointed to undertake this role. The Election of Officers for the 2024/25 year then took place and positions filled were Treasurer (Graham McHarrie); Secretary (Peter Burns); Youth Vocational & Public Image (Jeremy Wood); and International (Don Holywell). The remaining positions will be filled as soon as possible by negotiation. Jeremy Wood was then invited to bring us up to date with the concept of Regionalisation that is being explored at present, and it is likely that Australia will be teamed with New Zealand and the South Pacific. WA has a head start as we have just amalgamated our 2 Districts into one. There is still a lot of planning and negotiation to take place, but there is nothing further that our Club needs to do at this point. Wembley Junior Cricket sausage sizzles are about to start again, and Peter Pearse gave us the latest on the Fete plans. Hopefully we can get an electrician to do complimentary checks on electrical goods. Volunteers are needed for the RSL school collections and the Driver Education on 30th November.