The Fete was an extraordinary success, yielding a remarkable net profit of $21,031.81, and our share amounts to an impressive $10,015.19. This outstanding outcome is a testament to the concerted efforts of everyone involved. The event buzzed with positive energy, thanks to the notable turnout of club members, contributing to the fantastic atmosphere. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all contributors, with special recognition for the dedication of stall leaders and the entire Fete committee. Particularly deserving of applause is Peter Pearse, the Fete chairperson, and a true legend in our Rotary Club. Peter dedicated six months to this monumental effort, and his contribution was pivotal to the Fete's success. Monique from St Edmunds Church expressed her deep appreciation, eloquently stating that "Rotary defines hard work." Her words resonate with the ethos of our Rotary Club, where dedication and hard work make a tangible impact on our community. In summary, the Fete triumph stands as a testament to the strength of our community spirit within the Rotary Club, showcasing our collective ability to make a meaningful and positive impact. Club recess – the club now goes into recess until 30th January when a social function is to be held at Frank’s.